Car Detailers Secrets You Need to Know

Do You Wish To Know the Hidden Secrets about Car Detailers?
As car owners we only want the best for our vehicles, especially the hygiene and the maintenance of it. If you are new with owning a car or maybe you own one for a long time, there are still things that you don’t know. This article will help you on stuff you don’t know about car detailers.

Rinse First
If you have a fresh new dry paint on your car and you plan for a car wash remember to rinse FIRST before washing your car. Hitting your dry paint with water and soap, it can grind the surface with dust and road dust.
No To Dishwashing Soaps
Most common soap used by car owners when detailing at home is the dishwashing liquid. Dishwashing soaps are simply too harsh for your cars. What professional car detailers use are car wash soap. DIY soap can suck up important oils out of the car’s finishing.
No To Sponges
Sponges are no good. Microfiber mitt is what is recommended. You may be wondering why, well to answer that, sponges are good with absorbing and holding the dirt and when you rinse the dirt will remain within the pores of the sponge and only the water will come out.
Buckets not Bucket
TWO BUCKETS. Bucket #1 for soapy water, Bucket #2 for rinse water.
This is a common mistake. Owners usually use only one bucket while washing their car and then hose it down afterwards. What they don’t realize is that the mitts they use to wash are not properly rinsed and they continue to wipe their car with it.
Yes To Microfiber Towel
Microfiber towel will save the day. Especially that microfiber towels are good with collecting left dirt particles and absorbing water. Moreover, microfiber towels are the best in wiping off wax haze. Professional car detailers never forget about these towels, NEVER.

What’s in it for Interiors?
For interior cleaning, brush of the dirt with a detailer’s brush and regular brush, for dash and panels then for the carpet, respectively. As you brush, suck up the dirt with a vacuum immediately. This one of the ultimate hack for all car detailers, if it makes their job better why not do it just like them.
Car Detailers Must NEVER Forget Doors
Lubricate the doors and then re-treat the seals. Pro car detailers never forget about the doors while car owners usually just wipe the car clean and then lubricate it. Car doors are probably the most used. Imagine the stress on them on a daily basis.
Sparky Glass and Windows
Put the glass last. Instead of cleaning the windows then put vinyl protectant then clean the glass again, car detailers save all the glass cleaning last in their agenda. It saves them time, cleaning it last will take away all cleaning and vinyl overlay treatments that you sprayed all over leaving you with a sparkling window.
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