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Auto Detail: Beginner’s Guide – Think like a PRO.

Auto Detail: Beginner’s Guide – Think like a PRO.

Auto Detail: Beginner’s Guide – Think like a PRO.

Check This Out: Beginner’s Guide for Auto Detail – Let’s Make a Pro Out of You
The best way to take care of our cars and vehicles is to understand their needs. If we understand what they need, only then we can provide the best options to those needs. When it comes to auto detailing, as an owner, you need to know which auto detailer company you will choose.

STEP 1: What is Auto Detailing?
Auto detailing is commonly mistaken as car washing although there is an obvious difference. There can be similarities between the two, but what makes auto detailing better is that the depth and meticulous characteristic of cleaning – not just washing- your car. Professionally done, they are very specific and precise thus it becomes more labor-intensive if we compare it to car wash.
Car wash can be automated and done automatically or by-hand. For auto detailing, it is always done by hand. The way the auto detailers give attention to EVERY inch of your car makes it 100x better than your average car wash.
STEP 2: What does Auto Detailing includes?
Below are the possible inclusion of the auto detailing services. It varies to different auto detailers, that’s why you need to choose wisely.

For Exterior:

  • Of course washing the exterior of the car and then drying it by hand is the first and foremost step.
  • One thing you may not have heard before is paint claying. Claying improves the polish and wax because of the cleaner and smoother surface.
  • You may have heard of polishing. It removes a small layer of clear coat and the tiny scratches and swirls in the paint disappear
  • Waxing of course will be included. Also, sealing and resealing exterior parts of the car. After all that removing and washing and cleaning, we need that shine and gloss back.

For Interior:

All interior areas will be vacuumed to perfection. From TOP to BOTTOM.
Carpet floors need extra attention. Scrub and brush the carpet floor to take away all the stains.
For seats, it usually uses a steam cleaning method. Steam cleaning is the most effective way to clean carpets and seats.
One of the last parts of the auto detailing process, is the glass and window cleaning.
This is a preference for our company – MacDetailz Calgary – we find it best to put it in the end part of our detailing agendas
Deep Cleaning and protecting the interior parts helps to achieve that clean and new smell.
You may have heard of owners who put the car detailing into their own hands, which is possible, but nothing beats when a pro auto detailer does it. A company, just like ours, that gives auto detailing services not only trained but also studied cars and vehicles to properly attend to each of the clients. With an auto detailer’s experience they can spot immediately, things untrained eyes see as normal.

Macdetailz Calgary has the best auto detailers in Calgary. Years in the business proves that we are tried and tested.

For more info, head onto our website and read more articles. To get a free quote, contact us on our website or simply dial our number to directly talk with our team by simply dialing (403) 402-9804 today.

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