Complete Car Detailing.

Complete Car Detailing.

We offer complete car exterior and interior detailing package, our complete car detailing package includes:

  • Car Exterior hand wash.
  • Wheels and rims degreasing and deep cleaning.
  • Exhaust’s tip cleaning.
  • Full Car interior deep vacuuming.
  • Car Interior Carpet and seat’s shampooing: stains/marks/grease removal.
  • Carpet and seats deep steam cleaning/Deep Cleaning.
  • Disinfection, full interior Sanitation.
  • Leather special cleaning, deep steaming and conditioning.
  • Salt Removal.
  • Vinyl, Plastic and rubber cleaning, deep steaming and protection
  • Dashboard/Coffee mugs cleaning, deep steaming and protection.
  • Vent’s steam cleaning and protection.
  • Door’s interior cleaning, steaming and protection.
  • Glass Interior and Exterior cleaning.
  • Interior Foot Steps cleaning and protection.
  • Car Interior Protection.
  • Back trunk vacuuming and shampooing.
  • Floor mats vacuuming and shampooing.

Complete Detailing. Car exterior and Interior detailing Dirty BMW.

Complete Car Detailing Rates:

Sedan : $200
Suv/Truck : $240
Minivan: $ 260
Family Pack: 2 Car’s Exterior & Interior Detailing : $400

 Complete detailing Video :


Pet Hair Removal: Small pet Hair Qt: $20

Pet Hair Removal: Medium/Large pet Hair Qt.: $60

Odor Removal : $20

Headliner’s Cleaning: $30

Headlight’s Restoration: $70

Engine Bay Steam Cleaning: $50

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