Is Your Cars Exterior Paint Protected from the Elements?

Is Your Cars Exterior Paint Protected from the Elements?

Many of you out there wish you’d added paint protection to your vehicle when you first bought the car.
Especially those of you who live in a climate like Calgary. AB.
Where the sun always seems to shine during the summer, and the harsh winners exists.
Don’t get me wrong. I love the sun. I don’t like what it can do to my car’s exterior paint and interior.
Washing and waxing your car can help wash off some environmental contaminants.

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But I understand that life gets hectic and a chore like washing and waxing your car often takes a back seat (like the pun?) to more critical matters in life.
The problem with ignoring your car’s paint is that it will get swirl marks and scratches and that once lustrous shine now looks cloudy.
Ok, I know your paint doesn’t look that bad now, but that can happen if you don’t protect your exterior paint from the elements.
When that unprotected clearcoat fades, your paint can get gray water spots and peal right down to the metal. Ouch!

We have the environment to thank for that.
Hey, I’m all for laying in the sun and letting the UV rays turn my skin a golden brown. But the sun mixed with the pollutants in the air when it encounters surfaces can damage your skin (Cancer) and other materials, especially the car’s exterior paint.
Have you ever left a garden gnome or any other painted sculpture in your garden? Then after a year or so, you moved it? The side that wasn’t in the direct sun still had its bright lustrous colors, but the side that faced the sun had lost most of its bright pigments.

Now think about your car’s exterior paint.
You leave your car parked in your driveway when you are home, and it’s parked in an open parking lot when you’re at work.
Exterior paint is exposed to the elements twenty-four-seven. No wonder your car’s exterior paint takes a beating and can fade.

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