How to maintain your car exterior paint?

How to maintain your car exterior paint?

Cleaning the exterior of a car or motorcycle and keeping the car’s paint always shining is easy. But be aware, to remove paint residues and paint contaminants, it is not always necessary to force, polish or sand the paint, just use the right products instead!
To keep your car in good condition and valued for resale, we list the right products for car cleaning to remove contaminants, clean and keep your car’s paint always shiny.
Come see how to keep your car’s paint job fresh!
If your vehicle is 0 KM or semi-new, we recommend to do the external washing every 15 days to avoid the accumulation of impurities inside or outside the vehicle.

To maintain the shine, it is important to take care of the original wax film, which protects the varnish and gives the paint shine, in this case, we recommend waxing with a minimum interval of 30 days.
Before starting to wash and clean, it is important to know that common soap and kitchen detergents are not recommended for this task, these products are made with chemical agents that, in contact with the sun, attack the paint and rubber of your vehicle, in addition to not actually remove automotive dirt.

Using the Right Shampoo for Initial Wash.
If you use your car or motorcycle every day, or hit the road and end up leaving your car very dirty, it is important to do the initial wash with the correct shampoo and water. The shampoo is a concentrated detergent with and without special formulation solvent for washing vehicles. Shampoo has a high cleaning power without damaging painted surfaces, in addition, it has wax in its composition, which not only cleans the vehicle but also protects it from solar radiation and unpolished shine.
Before starting, remember to wait for the surface to cool down and always keep the vehicle in the shade until it’s time to dry. There’s no secret to cleaning, just follow the recommendation table to dilute the product for manual or pressure washing, if your vehicle is very dirty.
Dilute the product in cold water, as indicated in the table for each assembly method. After the cleaning process, just remove all the shampoo with cold water. It is very important that you do not let the product dry on the surface, so use a Microfiber Cloth to dry the paint.

Easily dry cleaning
This washing method is the most economical for cleaning light to moderate dirt. The washed dry was developed for use in automotive paint without solvents or abrasives in the formulation, the clean product with economy and without harming the surface.
Dry Wash can be applied to external glass, plastics, vinyl and rubbers. Just apply the product that is ready to use and clean. Best of all, there is no need to dilute it in water, so you avoid wasting more than 300 liters of water in one wash.
Protection against UVA, UVB and salt spray
To protect paintwork and other parts from the action of the sun, moisture and salt spray, use WAX – Crystallizing wax with foam applicator. Ideal product to give shine and protect the paint against UVA, UVB and salt spray.
The wax crystallizing W-WAX is a high gloss wax and carnauba based protection and special silicones. Easy to apply and remove, it is recommended for all types of paints and colors, providing a double layer of protection, offering greater durability and resistance. It has no abrasives in its formulation, contains natural waxes and silicone oils, and does not stain rubber, vinyl, plastics and synthetics, offering great performance and the best cost-benefit ratio.
If you want a product with greater agility for application, but with a perfect finish and lasting shine in the paint, a good tip is the Quick Shine Wax. With practical and quick application through its spray bottle, the product promotes restoration, conservation and instant shine without staining plastic, rubber and glass parts.

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