Detailing The Dirtiest Audi RS7 EVER

Detailing The Dirtiest Audi RS7 EVER

Deep Cleaning the dirtiest Audi RS7 Ever, This dirty Fancy car has been through a very tough winter, and the result, is a very dirty, very dusty, muddy, salty and greasy car exterior and interior. This car requires an extreme detailing, which we will start with a simple car exterior water rinse, followed by tire’s and wheel’s deep cleaning and washing, and after we apply a complete hand wash for the car exterior, we will start a one stage polish, using “3D.” Polishing product and a medium polishing pad for our polishing tool, we will apply the one stage polish after we dry the car fully using clean and soft micro-fiber towels. The one stage polish is composed of 2 steps, polishing and finishing. After we are done with the exterior wash and polish, we will start the full interior deep cleaning with a very thorough deep interior vacuuming, followed by deep steam cleaning the door’s interior, Glass interior, steps, seat’s sides, the dashboard, the center-console and the leather seats, to finish our extreme car detailing with deep carpet shampooing and extraction. we hope you enjoy watching our detailing video. Subscribe to our channel to enjoy our weekly full detailing videos, posted every Saturday at 9am Est.

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