Porsche Macan S Full Exterior & Interior Detail

Porsche Macan S Full Exterior & Interior Detail

Deep Cleaning a Porsche Macan S, Full Exterior and Interior Detailing with a one stage 3D polish, for this Luxury car, we will apply a full exterior waterless wash using steam cleaning and a clean car exterior towel. Steam cleaning breaks the dirt’s components and makes it easy to wipe down, steam also decontaminates the paint surface allowing us to remove the oil’s residues and grease while disinfecting the car paint. After the car dries fully, we will apply a one stage polishing using 3D one stage polish product, or what’s called an (All-In-One) polishing product, the one stage polishing is composed of two steps, the first one is polishing using a polishing tool system at a speed of 4, the second step is finishing using the polishing tool at a speed of 5 or 6.In both steps, we will use a medium pad as shown in the video. But before that, we will spread the polishing product at a speed of 2 for the “Shine & Mate” polishing tool we are using today, for each step, we will apply four slow paced passes, 2 horizontal and 2 vertical. After polishing, we will move on to the interior for a full deep interior cleaning, starting with vacuuming the carpet and the seats, followed by steam cleaning all the interior vinyl, plastic, rubber and leather. And, eventually, we will apply a deep carpet shampooing and extraction.

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