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EXTREME Detailing A Dirty Luxury Car

EXTREME Detailing A Dirty Luxury Car

Deep Cleaning a Dirty 2020 Lincoln Navigator XL, This Super Fancy SUV has been through a very harsh winter and is very dirty with mud, dirt and salt stains all over the interior and the exterior of the this Dirty SUV. Our Extreme detail starts with a full exterior water rinse, followed by tires deep cleaning, and a full car exterior two bucket hand wash, after a final rinse, we will dry out the car exterior using very clean and soft micro-fiber towels. we will then clean the floor matts using our pressure washer. After we finish the full exterior detail, we will start the full interior detailing, first we will apply a thorough interior vacuuming, followed by a special treatment for the perforated leather seats using “Gyeon” Product for leather treatment, Finally, we will apply deep shampooing and extraction for the car interior carpet. Make sure you watch the full video to enjoy the Oddly satisfying cleaning video experience. And, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to watch our new full detail content every Saturday Morning. Thank you for Watching. Masters Auto Cleaner’s Detailing Videos:

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