DEEP Cleaning A Super Muddy

DEEP Cleaning A Super Muddy

Car Detailing the Muddiest and the dirtiest Jeep Sahara Wrangler limited edition. In this detailing video, we will show you how to detail a super muddy and super dirty car exterior and interior using simple techniques and quality products to give an outstanding detailing result. We will start our detailing with a simple car exterior water rinse, to remove all the sticky mud and dirt, we will then apply an all purpose degreaser to remove grease from the door’s hinges and the tires. We will then use a few brushes to clean the tires thoroughly, next, we will apply a two buckets system hand wash, using a soft micro-fiber mitt, and to finish our exterior wash, we will use soft clean car exterior micro-fiber towels to dry clean the car exterior softly. The second step of our complete detailing is the full interior deep cleaning, we will start with a deep interior vacuuming, followed by steam cleaning and leather treatment, to apply finally a deep shampooing and extraction. For shampooing, we use “3D” Upholstery and carpet shampooing product, and we will use Bissell Spot clean for extraction. we hope you enjoy our oddly satisfying video, support our channel by subscribing and sharing our content. Thank you for watching our car detailing video.

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