DEEP Cleaning The Dirtiest Boat Interior Ever

DEEP Cleaning The Dirtiest Boat Interior Ever

Abandoned Barn Find Detailing. Today, we are detailing a 20 Feet “TAHOE 216 Go RV + Marine” disastrous interior, this boat has been in storage for the last 2 years, and the result is a super dirty and super moldy interior, plus loads of garbage and grim. So, to start this extreme interior detailing, we will first apply a deep interior vacuuming to remove all the sinking water, and whatever is possible to remove using a vacuum before we apply any cleaning process. After a deep interior vacuuming, we will start cleaning the dashboard and the glass, using 3D all purpose vinyl product, we will also use steam cleaning to remove and sanitize the flooring from mold and dirt. The next step will be treating the interior leather using a Gyeon Leather cleaner and steam cleaning. Finally, to end our extreme interior detailing, we will apply protection for leather and the interior vinyl. And the final result of this oddly satisfying cleaning video, is Outstanding, so make sure you watch the full video to enjoy the ASMR experience. We hope you like our detailing video, don’t forget to leave us your feedback. Also, make sure you subscribe to our channel, we post new weekly detailing videos every Saturday at 9am Et.

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